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Welcome to my gallery! Creativity in art is wide and different for each, especially painting, which has been my passion for a long time. In it, I can, express myself and my humanity fully and show it to my audience. I try to do it in original, unconventional, sharp, but easy way, so that the work would get a positive acceptance. Painting is my whole life, however my biggest dream, my own art studio, came true not a long time ago. My thoughts and dreams, that in every free moment, I put on canvas, I try to express in everyday life. I never followed the beaten paths, I always tried to do something new and creative. Every idea, feeling, every not always beautiful moment I put on canvas. My works are the only and unique story, fulfilling my personal experiences, notes from my life, that I wish to show to others and share with them the joy of life...In gallery, that I have the honor to present to you, you can look and buy works, that I use different painting techniques for. These paintings have been painted with oil, acrylic and watercolor paints. In the gallery you can also look at works by my friends, for who as well, painting is a way to fulfill their artistic nature. Several sensitive people, for whom, creating has a great value.

Jerzy Glebowicz